I Vow: To Not Take Photos on My Wedding Day

Veritas Photography Amanda Munster


It will be difficult. It will be painful,  but mark my words- I will not take a photo on my wedding day.

This isn’t to say that I always take photos every second of the day. There are sadly some days or weeks in which I don’t take a single one. However, to have a special event on vacation and not take a photo? Not cool.

So, why would I make this silly declaration? I am generally the “photographer” on vacations and special events. It’s not because I was asked, but because I love taking photos. I love getting home from vacation, posting all the best shots, then seeing everyone using them to update their profiles. It’s how I get my jollies.

Needless to say this system has resulted in many great photos, but there are almost none of me. The good ones of me are few and far between. So, I will resist the urge to take any photos this one day. I may not be in all of them, but I will be able to get some great shots of me having fun, eating, drinking; anything but hiding behind a camera. No matter how much it kills me, I will resist.

The only thing is I worry that my pesky “photographer’s eye” won’t be pleased. So, let’s see how many times I request others to take a certain photo. Friends and family: be prepared and bring your cameras…

Meet Veritas Photography

Amanda veritas Photography Canon

That’s me. No makeup, hair pulled back and on vacation in Mexico with my Canon in hand. I thought this was the best way to introduce my page. I received my first camera my freshman year of High School (a Vivitar film SLR) and I don’t think I’ve quite put it down since. On this blog, I plan to share photography tips, quotes , my latest shoots and some works from other photographers that I happen to be admiring at the moment.

I’m still focusing on getting the website up and running, so adios for now! But, remember to check back and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to see the latest from Veritas Photography!

Thank you for visiting my page! I’m so excited to share my adventures with everyone,

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