Photo Resolutions 2015

72 ppi, 300 ppi… Just kidding.

New Year's Photo Resolutions 2015 | Veritas Photography


This time of year it’s easy for one to say they will do something, so I tend to stick to ideals; focusing my thoughts toward a general way of thinking.

I always have some resolutions/ life goals in place, but in regard to my photo goals this year I really want to do a couple things differently:


Use my photos for good.

I’ve already started looking locally to shoot for nonprofit events and local shelters!

Start selling my work.

It’s one thing to do portraits, but it’s another to start selling the photos I’ve taken each day. Apparently there are sites now that allow you to keep the copyright? Yes. Please.

Print and enjoy more of my work.

This includes shooting more film. With brand new walls to fill in our apartment, I need to start sifting through all those photos I said I’d print one day. Hello CVS!

Not sure where you want to take your photography in 2015? I saw a great article from Photojojo today for some ideas. I may add some of theirs too!

Be sure to share your photo resolutions with me below too!

2015, let’s do this…