San Michele, the Italian Cemetery Island

Even though I’m posting this on Halloween, San Michele, the Italian Cemetery Island,  was one of the most peaceful and serene parts of our Italy trip.

Island of San Michele | Veritas Photography

The only spooky thing about it was the possibility that we’d miss the vaporetto (Venice’s ferry system/one of the only ways to get around) and get stuck on the island overnight.

On the island, you see graves as old as the 1800s, beautiful gardens and even some graves as famous as those of Igor Stravinsky, and Princess Bagration, known for her beauty, love affairs and outrageous behavior.  She sounded fun to me…


Though I wish I took more photos, I actually got caught up in the beauty of the place. It’s easy to see how anyone would want to spend the rest of eternity here. The massive headstone for this man was as impressive as an art piece, as it was a grave site.



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