Super Moon | Veritas Photography

I have always been obsessed with astronomy.

I’ll never forgot the first time I saw a comet through my grandpa’s telescope. Or the first time I saw a meteor shower sitting near them and a campfire in the Texas Hill Country. Looking up to see dozens of stars flying across the sky is an experience everyone should have. 

After many failed attempts at astrophotography, I researched settings, lenses and more for months and months. The result of which was a post-it that I carried around for about 8 months. 

Then finally- the stars aligned. A “supermoon” on the way, I used the SkyView app to plan out my camera setup. I was ready as soon as the moon hit the roof above my apartment balcony. 

Super Moon & Clouds | Veritas Photography

Cloudy Super Moon | Veritas Photography

I’d say there is now an exciting possibility of astrophotography shots in my future. Stay Tuned!

Black and White Challenge

It’s great to go out of your comfort zone, but it’s easier said than done. After being nominated for the Five Day Black and White Challenge, I decided this was a great way to do just that. You can read more about the origins of the challenge on USA Today, but the version my friend explained was to post a black and white photo on Instagram every day for five days. He’s a great black and white photographer and had no problem. I, on the other hand, had to really think. I love and appreciate black and white photography especially in portraits, but I love color more. If my photography has any style or reoccurring theme at all it would be featuring bright, vibrant colors. This was going to be a challenge to say the least.

Black and white challenge withVeritas PhotographyMy strategy was to take shots of things I’d love in color and see what happened when I processed them in black and white. Since it seemed within the rules, I also posted two photos old photos.  I tried to edit them all on Photoshop for a higher quality feel, but one of the days my program was acting up and I had to use my Galaxy S4 to shoot and edit. It’s also pretty obvious which that photo that is, but it was still a blast!

I was even so inspired, I made a collage inspired by my finding a career search in my new city (oh yea, we moved states :D) and black and white! Once again, collages are something I do in bright colors, so this was a unique way to incorporate some of the lessons I learned in the Instagram challenge.

Check them out below and see more on my Instagram!


Black and white challenge snow in dallas |Veritas Photography

Black and white challenge snow in dallas |Veritas Photography

Black and white challenge brewery|Veritas Photography

Black and white challenge chandelier in new orleans|Veritas Photography

And here’s the collage! It’s black and white AND inspiring. Black and white challenge collage| Veritas Photography