Super Moon | Veritas Photography

I have always been obsessed with astronomy.

I’ll never forgot the first time I saw a comet through my grandpa’s telescope. Or the first time I saw a meteor shower sitting near them and a campfire in the Texas Hill Country. Looking up to see dozens of stars flying across the sky is an experience everyone should have. 

After many failed attempts at astrophotography, I researched settings, lenses and more for months and months. The result of which was a post-it that I carried around for about 8 months. 

Then finally- the stars aligned. A “supermoon” on the way, I used the SkyView app to plan out my camera setup. I was ready as soon as the moon hit the roof above my apartment balcony. 

Super Moon & Clouds | Veritas Photography

Cloudy Super Moon | Veritas Photography

I’d say there is now an exciting possibility of astrophotography shots in my future. Stay Tuned!

New Orleans in October

In honor of Halloween (aka my favorite holiday), I wanted to post some shots of New Orleans I took this month. We actually just took a day trip to go to a Haunted Tour there, but we definitely fell in love with the city. I couldn’t take enough photos of the architecture!

We went to see the St. Louis Cathedral first. So gorgeous. Below is a photo featuring the alter at the front.

St. Louis Cathedral alter

Built in 1721, the ceiling is as interesting as what’s under the building. See who’s buried under the church here.

St Louis Cathedral ceiling

Outside the church is Jackson Square. Here is the statue that sits on front of the cathedral. It happened to fabulous day outside!

Jackson Square Statue New OrleansI have a thing for trees and this one in Jackson Square was gorgeous!jackson square tree new orleansStreet Views. I found myself imaging myself living on one of those balconies. Can you imagine? Gorgeous!new orleans street architecture Couldn’t get over the details on this iron.New Orleans French Quarter Architecture | Veritas Photography Later that night, we came across this eerie shadow from a Jesus statue. Turns out it’s actually the back of St. Louis Cathedral!jesus statue st. louis cathedral shadowDuring some wandering, we came across this bar, Burbon O Bar. I don’t know if it was the creepy atmosphere, them playing classic movies in the background, or this amazing singer and drummer, but I definitely fell in love.burbon o bar candle halloweenStay tuned to Do As Locals Do for more photos and details from our New Orleans Haunted Houses Tour!