Super Moon | Veritas Photography

I have always been obsessed with astronomy.

I’ll never forgot the first time I saw a comet through my grandpa’s telescope. Or the first time I saw a meteor shower sitting near them and a campfire in the Texas Hill Country. Looking up to see dozens of stars flying across the sky is an experience everyone should have. 

After many failed attempts at astrophotography, I researched settings, lenses and more for months and months. The result of which was a post-it that I carried around for about 8 months. 

Then finally- the stars aligned. A “supermoon” on the way, I used the SkyView app to plan out my camera setup. I was ready as soon as the moon hit the roof above my apartment balcony. 

Super Moon & Clouds | Veritas Photography

Cloudy Super Moon | Veritas Photography

I’d say there is now an exciting possibility of astrophotography shots in my future. Stay Tuned!

Confetti Eddie: In the Studio

Some time ago, a friend of mine was doing a video series on interesting characters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For his first assignment it was a local illusionist who performs at burlesque shows at the House of Blues. It’s no wonder when he then asked if I’d like to tag along to take some photos, I said yes immediately.

Since there were so many great photos to share, I decided to turn this two-day shoot into a three-part blog. So scroll down, enjoy and stay tuned!

Deep Ellum, Dallas, dinosaur | Veritas Photography

Confetti Eddie, Dallas | Veritas Photography

Confetti Eddie interview | Veritas Photography

Magic Book | Veritas Photography

Confetti Eddie Deandre Upshaw interview | Veritas Photography

Confetti Eddie studio | Veritas Photography

magic trunk | Veritas Photography

skeleton | VeritasPhotog

I was amazed to learn that using his creativity and engineering skills, he makes all of his own props and magic contraptions.

Confetti Eddie | VeritasPhotog

magic props | Veritas Photog

In case you didn’t already think an illusionist was an artist, Eddie has tons of works of art throughout the space. I was so inspired by all the paintings and sculptures. He even had a few cameras he made himself!

Edward Ruiz | Veritas Photography

magic art | Veritas Photography

Confetti Eddie art | Veritas Photography

skeleton painting | Veritas Photography

DIY homemade camera | Veritas Photography

diy photo, sculpture | Veritas Photography


We even got to see the dress rehearsal!

Confetti Eddie show | Veritas Photography

Confetti Eddie sword trick | Veritas Photography

Confetti Eddie finale | Veritas Photography

Want to learn more about Confetti Eddie? View the video below!

Be sure to stay tuned to my blog to see more in the series and Veritas Photography on Facebook for some exclusive shots, as well!

Baby, it’s really cold outside

As you may or may not know, it’s been REAL cold here in Dallas, Texas lately. Growing up in Texas, there have been many moments of exaggeration when it comes to the weather. This was not one of those moments. Parades and marathons were cancelled for the first time ever, entire highway systems shut down, icemageddon 2013 was in full swing. I haven’t seen snow too many times in my life, but I have a few times since living in Dallas. What was interesting about this storm, besides the fact that it was named Cleon, was the ice on the road was made from sleet. Not snow or rain that froze later on the ground. Sleet.

Friday, I was able to work from home which means I was also able to play a little after 5 p.m. Check out some of the shots I was able to get before I my fingers and toes went numb below:

Just in case it isn’t obvious, I really loved the way these trees look:

House framing ice trees | via @veritasphotog

Dallas tree icemageddon | via @veritasphotog

frozen tree oak cliff veritas photography | via @veritasphotog

IMG_2138frozen yellow leaf Veritas Photography | via @veritasphotog

frozen tree dallas | via @veritasphotog

frozen brown leaf Veritas Photography | via @veritasphotog

Here is a few fun icicle shots

car bumper icicles dallas | via @veritasphotog

Roof icicles | via @veritasphotog

Frozen Christmas Candy Cane | via @veritasphotog

dallas Frozen plants | Via Veritas Photography

Also, check out the Hi-larious blog from The Observer about the storm of the century…